About us

”Duet” restaurant was established in 2009. Since then, it meets the culinary tastes of even the most demanding gourmets. Gaining recognition quite quickly, it has smoothly fit into the landscape of the city centre. Its original décor, refined cuisine and wonderful ambience made our restaurant one of the favourite and delicious objects on the local market.

“Duet” Restaurant invites families, as well as business and individual clients. We organize also various closed events, such as i.e. trainings, courses, weddings, special events, St. Andrew's Day parties and New Year’s Eve banquets. We offer free Wi-Fi access and a LED display that will help you present smoothly any trainings’ materials, as well as commemorative films and photos.

What distinguishes the restaurant is first and foremost the tasty Polish cuisine. Our dishes can be characterized with freshness and refined taste. Apart from the fixed Menu positions, each day you can find also various “Dishes of the day” (“Danie Dnia”) in the price of 14 PLN for a soup and a main course. Our meals are always prepared with the uttermost care – we have our own production facilities, where we can fully control the preparation process.

Caring about the nice atmosphere and satisfaction of our guests, we also refurbish the decor, adjusting it to varying seasons. Apart from it, the complex can offer also modernly designed, high-standard hotel rooms, located next to the restaurant, where anyone can relax.

We warmly invite you to visit and try out our services. Delicious experiences guaranteed!

Our customers can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi connection on the premises of the restaurant.

We accept payments

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